Where it all Began

My Story


Hi so glad to meet you.  

Where it all started

Where did my cake journey begin? 

Well it was pre internet so that ages me instantly! 

I was a teenager and wanted to make my parents a cake for their anniversary, cue a very drippy royal icing cake with my first attempt at piping. 

Needless to say they loved it no matter what it looked like. 

Don’t talk yourself out of it

Guess that’s what I want to tell you all the most, it’s easy to get hung up on the flaws and small imperfections both in life and with cake.

 It’s ok to not be perfect. 

I bake and create with love and love to bake and create and that’s what shines through!

The fact time has been taken to plan a design, shop for ingredients and bake and decorate a gift for friends or family is what counts in their eyes, so unless you are wanting to run a business don’t sweat the small stuff!

My Background

I am largely self taught (did I mention it was pre internet!) mostly from books and one 6 week evening class. 

Now I offer Bespoke Cake Designs and Online Cake Classes.

 The best way to learn is to get started and try, experiment, remember what worked and what didn’t, believe me all those fantastic cake makers you admire every day on Instagram have photos of their disasters they just don’t share them.

My Passion

What really makes me tick is building confidence in novice bakers and decorators and seeing the smiles, joy and pride on their faces when they see what they achieve at the end of a class.

Currently COVID has put paid to those face to face classes so I am teaching myself something new, how to move all my classes online ( see never too old to learn).

My Christmas class was a success and good fun was had by all.

Try it for FREE

I am about to run a FREE 4 week bake along especially for beginners to show you how simple it really is!

Why not come and join in the fun and discover for yourself how relaxing it can be. If you want to try something new why wait?

I like to think of it as baking for therapy or making memories if you are doing it with those you love (or even like just a little).

I am often told I have endless patience and promise no question is ever a silly one, it’s essential if we want to learn something new.

Hope to meet you

Well that’s me really, caring patient and passionate about baking and caking and passing on my skills.

Forgot to mention my love of nature, I can often be found exploring the beaches and woods where I live in central Norfolk UK and have been known to share a photo or two.

Thanks for reading to the end and hope to meet you soon (virtually for now but who knows).


Proud owner, design consultant, and CEO 

Buds & Bows Cakery


Where did January go?

Who's with me on this?

Considering we are all pretty much in lockdown in the UK this month has simply whizzed by.

Bake Along

Yesterday I had another brilliantly fun morning in the kitchen helping those in my Free Bake Along group learn another technique.

We talked around raising agents and why they are important to your bakes, the science behind baking, then brought it to life by baking Duffins a cross between a doughnut and a muffin for those not in the know (there is a ruder name so don't read this part if you are easily offended - muffnuts)

Baking With Love

Great results were achieved by all involved and what I most loved was when I received two photos from one lady taking part.

One was the result of her spending time baking with her young son, all whilst juggling a younger sibling I might add.

The second was from her grandma who although not on facebook joined in as the recipe and method had been forwarded on to her by her grandaughter so they could share the experience.

Memories to Treasure

What really struck me is that epitomises my thoughts around baking, its all about the love that you pour into it that creates the memories that last forever.

Three different generations of one family united over a fun morning baking, thats what its all about!

See you in February


Tutor at Buds & Bows Cakery

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